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Posted: Sep 30, 2022 6:48 PMUpdated: Sep 30, 2022 6:48 PM

Court Report for Matthew Languien

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Victoria Edwards

A Bartlesville man who was on a sobriety rehabilitation process in now facing not only the end of his rehab but also potentially serving 10 years from his original conviction earlier this year after he sent threats to his daughter by text. The texts were aimed at personnel at the Washington County Courthouse, including Judge Russell Vaclaw, District Attorney Kevin Buchanan, Drug Court Coordinator Karen Wood, and local attorney Marty Meason.

According to the affidavit of his arrest, Matthew Christopher Languein was charged with threatning to perform an act of violence with the possibility of bodily harm or death.

The threats were discovered by Captain Gary Miller, a retired law enforcement officer, who reported them to the Washington County Sheriff's office. After reviewing the situation, the Washington County Sheriff's office executed an arrest of Languien at his home, where he admitted to sending the texts. At the time, officers reported that Languien appeared intoxicated.

During his arraignment at the Washington County Courthouse today, Languien attempted to engage in a conversation with the arraignment judge, which was Judge Vaclaw, stating that he wanted a second chance at rehab in order to avoid the prison sentence. He also asked for forgiveness from Vaclaw. Unfortunately, Vaclaw had to stop the conversation because he said it was not the appropriate time or place to seek leniency. Vaclaw went on to set a court date of October 3 where he explained that Languien could present his case. Vaclaw also said he might have to recuse himself due to being one of the people threatened.

The threats were considered substantial enough that the District Attorney demanded and received a determination that Languien might carry out his threats so he is being held over without any bond.

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