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Washington County

Posted: Sep 19, 2023 2:26 AMUpdated: Sep 19, 2023 5:37 AM

Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell Visits Bartlesville for WC-ROC Event

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Tom Davis

Oklahoma Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell was in Bartlesville Monday evening to speak before a near capacity crowd at Crossing 2nd at 215 E. Second Street for the launch party for the newly formed Washington County Republicans and Other Conservatives.

Pinnell touted the highlights of stellar a economic impact for tourism last year for the state of Oklahoma. He told the crowd his new focus is on commerce and job force issues. The challenge there is not so much to get businesses to come to Oklahoma--most are sold on the idea anyway--but to find enough workers to fill the new jobs that come with the new businesses.


A storied past, a strong future.
To be Oklahoma’s premier county for developing, electing, 
and supporting conservative political leaders.
To promote Republican and conservative values through an informed, active electorate.
• Build on the foundation of the Republican history and leadership of Washington County.
• Foster loyalty to Republican values and promote its principles.
• Involve individuals and groups in political activities to support the Republican affiliation.
• Encourage those who prefer the Republican Party to register and vote in all elections.
• Recognize with impartiality the Republican candidates in Primaries.
• Uphold the Republican candidates in the General Election.
• Promote political education and activity within Washington County.
• Engage individuals in the political process to help inform their opinions and decisions.
• Inform the public on current governmental affairs and actions.
• Regard the knowledge, wisdom, voice, and participation of all generations.
• Discuss differences with respect and civility.
• Be known by what we’re for, not against.
Advisory Council
Joe Beffer Member
Adam Bulleigh Member
Todd Cone Member
Julie Daniels State Senator, Ex Officio
Mike Dunlap County Commissioner, Ex Officio
John Ford Former State Senator
Alexander Johnson Member
John Kahre Member
John B Kane State Representative District 11, Ex Officio
Jessica Krause Vice Administrator
Steve Martin Former State Representative
Juli Merciez Community Relations
Billie Roane Bartlesville City Council, Ex Officio,
Quinn Schipper Administrator
Earl Sears Former State Representative
Judd Strom State Representative District 10, Ex Officio

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