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City of Bartlesville

Posted: Nov 28, 2023 3:44 PMUpdated: Nov 28, 2023 3:46 PM

Bartlesville Sales Tax Collection Up 5.1 Percent

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Nathan Thompson & Kelli Williams

Bartlesville’s sales tax revenue for the most recent collection was up 5.1%— or $97,000 — compared to the same period last year, Chief Financial Officer and City Clerk Jason Muninger said this week.

“We are up 1.94% year-to-date over last year’s collection,” Muninger said. “And we are currently 4% over what we’ve budgeted for, so we’re about $377,825 over budgeted expectation.”

Muninger said year-to-date sales tax collections are up $185,000 for a total of $9,779,064, compared to $9,593,101 for the same period last year.

Use tax revenue for the period was a steady $388,745 compared to $398,000 collected the month prior. The use tax was implemented in January of this year, so there are no comparisons to prior years available. The city budgeted a conservative $2.5 million (or $208,333 per month) in use tax revenue for the year.

With only a few exceptions, city sales tax collections have shown increases over the past two and a half years, many times with record highs. Local shopping, inflation and stimulus funds are thought to be factors in the increases.

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