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Posted: Mar 05, 2024 8:22 PMUpdated: Mar 07, 2024 9:22 AM

Trump, Biden Dominate Election in Tri-County Area

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Nathan Thompson

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump dominated the vote in Washington, Nowata and Osage counties during Tuesday's presidential primary election.

Trump received nearly 81% of the Republican vote in Washington County, more than 90% of the vote in Nowata County and 88% of the vote in Osage County.
Biden received nearly 75% of Washington County Democrat votes, only 53% in Nowata County and 74% in Osage County. The lower than expected Democratic vote total for Biden in Nowata County may spell trouble for the President's support among Democrat voters in rural America.
On the Libertarian ticket, Chase Oliver dominated in Washington and Osage counties, but Jacob Hornberger won Nowata County.
Statewide, Biden and Trump easily won their primary elections, with a closer race between Libertarian candidates Oliver and Hornberger.
Full election results are available HERE.

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