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Posted: Nov 10, 2023 7:03 AMUpdated: Nov 10, 2023 8:21 AM

Bartlesville Football Hosts Playoffs Friday

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The Bartlesville High football team will host its first playoff game since 2015 on Friday night, as BHS has Putnam City North into Custer Stadium.

It has been an odd season for the Bruins, who have come within inches of beating some of the state’s best teams, but still stand at only 4-6 entering the playoffs.

Despite the close losses, Bartlesville will still host a first-round game thanks to an expanded playoff format in 6A that was implemented last year. The Bruins won a first-round game a year ago on the road at Lawton, 36-30.

Bartlesville head coach Harry Wright says that his club is battle tested at a good time of the year. 

The last time Bartlesville High had back-to-back seasons with playoff victories was in 1987 and 1988. A win tonight would change that.

As for PC North, the Panthers also enter at 4-6. They finished in fifth place on the west-side District in 6A-II. Wright talks about keys for BHS to win the game on Friday night. 

A 6:30 pregame with a 7:00 kick on KWON – AM 1400, FM 93.3 and 95.1.

Video coverage on KWONTV.com. 

There are special accomodations and needs for tickets because of the playoff contest - find all that information HERE. 

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