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Posted: Feb 14, 2024 7:15 AMUpdated: Feb 14, 2024 8:15 AM

Bartlesville Hoops Swept at Sand Springs

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Bartlesville basketball wrapped up its District action at Sand Springs on Tuesday night, as the Sandites swept BHS in a couple entertaining games.

On the girl’s side BHS fell to Sand Springs 55-39.

The Lady Bruins fell behind 22-6 at the end of the first quarter and could never make a serious dent into the Sand Springs lead. BHS cut its deficit down to 12 in the second half, but that’s all close as it would get.

Bartlesville ends the regular season at 11-11 overall and a sixth-place finish in 6A District 3.

On the guy’s side things were interesting, but Sand Springs held on for a 66-53 victory.

Bartlesville battled the Sandites. After falling behind by 10 points early, Bruins went on a 9-0 run to climb back in it early in the second quarter.

This three by Trae Collins would tie the game just a few minutes before halftime.

Bartlesville would make 12 three-pointers on the night. Every time Bartlesville would threaten Sand Springs would end up pulling away.

Another three by Riley Duong midway through the fourth quarter made it a single-digit game again. 

Bartlesville guys finish the regular season at 3-19. BHS finishes at seventh in 6A-3 on the guy’s side.

Playoff assignments should be out on Wednesday for both teams.

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