Homecoming Interviews

Barnsdall High School


Monday August 29:Freshman Attendee Jessica Green and Freshman Escort Chance McGill

Tuesday August 30: Sophomore Attendee Jasmine Shores and Sophomore Escort Wesley Yarber

Wednesday August 31: Junior Attendee Courtney Berry and Junior Escort James Cole

Thursday September 1: Senior Attendee Tehya Walker and Senior Escort Kyler Bloomfield

Friday September 2: Homecoming Queen Kaleigh Townley, Queen Escort Julio Diaz, and Crowning Captain Ethan McGill

Nowata High School


Monday September 12: Moshonie Rice and Dillion Barnes sponsored by Bartnet IP

Tuesday September 13: Nick Steigerwald and Kylee Wickham sponsored by Bartnet IP

Wednesday September 14: Rikki Alspach Wright, Bryce Hewitt, and Cody Smith sponsored by Bartnet IP & Regent Bank

Thursday September 15: Will Luster, Tarrell Collins, and Sami Steigerwald sponsored by Bartnet IP & Regent Bank

Friday September 16: Mariah Dobson, Madisyn Kelly, and Jakob Barnes sponsored by Arvest Bank - Nowata

Copan High School


Monday September 12: Carli Barnett and Cooper Donaho sponsored by Bartnet IP

Tuesday September 13: Breanna Nash and Sam McGlathery sponsored by Bartnet IP and Copan Truck Stop

Wednesday September 14: Kaci Garcia and Trenton Still sponsored by Handi Mart

Thursday September 15: Kylie Long and Brett Burdick sponsored by Bartnet IP

Friday September 16: Winter Williams and Devin Custer sponsored by Bartnet IP

Wesleyan Christian High School


Monday September 12: Austin Cobb and Gabriella Ratzlaff sponsored by Skelley Homes

Tuesday September 13: Sophie Henry and Logan Burke sponsored by Skelley Homes

Wednesday September 14: Sophia Gulley and DeVon Foley

Thursday September 15: Sydney Frederick, Ketrina Koons, and Nathan Buzan

Friday September 16: Sean Zhou, Alycia Perez and Amos Hopkins

Pawhuska High School


Monday September 12: Shelby Bute and Cade McNeil sponsored by Tolson Agency and Osage Financial Resources 

Tuesday September 13: Cassidi Hindman and Price Perrier sponsored Burbank Materials and Osage Financial Resources

Wednesday September 14: Kyleigh Riebel and Blue Starr sponsored Osage Financial Resources 

Thursday September 15: Madelyn Priest and Tyler Wilson sponsored by Osage Financial Resources and Dr. Bob and Lynn Priest

Friday September 16: Queen Heather Conner, Queen Escort Colton Hindman, and Crowning Captain Warren Graves sponsored by

                                    Osage Financial Resources, Burbank Material and Citizens Bank

Bartlesville High School


Monday September 19: Blanca Abad and Haydon Conove

Tuesday September 20: Sydney Earley and Russell Drummond

Wednesday September 21: Grace Mitchell and Garrett Meidl

Thursday September 22: Allissa Notley, Barron Tanner, and Prerna Priyadarshini

Friday September 23: Nate Trotter, Heidi Roseborough, and Matt Yearout

Caney Valley, KS High School


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Oologah High School


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Dewey High School


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Owasso High School


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Oklahoma Union High School


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Caney Valley, OK High School


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