How Advertising Works

Today, You're in the Business of Managing Change

That's right! More than ever before, your business is driven by constant, relentless change with new products, revisions in service, changes in distribution, new suppliers, increasing competition....

Your customers and prospects are changing even faster! Shifting purchasing behavior, major lifestyle adjustments, changes in product preferences, new preceptions of value...

And your strongest competitors are changing, too! Constantly adjusting to keep up with variable conditions, struggling to persevere in an increasingly hostile marketplace, continually striving to increase market share...

So, if you plan to see your business grow and constantly need to enhance your ability to manage change. You need to access the current situation, understand the options, explore the alternatives, and be prepared to change your business strategy and marketing tactics at a moment's notice.

You can't do it alone. In today's complex business environment, you need a contemporary marketing partner that's ready and able to help you maximize each and every sales opportunity...from short-term events to emerging long-term trends.

Radio is the most used, flexible, accepted, targetable, cost-efficient medium available to you today. And the unique opportunity you have for a special one-to-one relationship with both customers and propects with radio is unmatched by any other advertising option.

Effectiveness is a Combination of Reach & Frequency

"Reach" can be defined as the number of people who hear or see your message over time. "Frequency" is how many times the average person hears or sees your message. Your advertising needs to reach as many people as possible, as often as possible.

Research shows that your prospect has to hear or see your message more than three times before they'll act on it. So you need to make sure that the advertising medium you select has enough audience for your needs, but more importantly, is designed and priced for frequency. That's where we at KWON/KYFM/KRIG/KPGM can help!

Keep Your Message Simple and Consistent

Many people try to get too much detail in their commercials. Keep it simple. If you are running in more than one medium, you'll get the maximum impact if your message is the same in all media. You should coordinate the efforts of all your media representatives to make sure that your message is consistent everywhere. We save you time and effort! With one representative, we can coordinate your radio (KWON/KFYM/KRIG/KPGM), your print in the Sunrise Reporter and your Internet advertising.

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