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Posted: May 20, 2019 8:06 PMUpdated: May 21, 2019 7:04 PM

Flooding Causes Troubles on Local Roadways Monday

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Garrett Giles

As of 10:00 o'clock Monday night, endless amounts of rainfall have caused troubles in Nowata, Osage and Washington Counties.

District 2 Washington County Commissioner Mike Bouvier has advised that people stay home and avoid travel. He said everything east of Highway 75 has seen significant flooding.

Along Highway 60 near Yocham's, Bouvier said the road is impassable. He said 2200 Road, 2400 Road at Greenwood Corner and 4025 Road south of 2300 are impassable as well.

A listener report said that Durham Road east of Highway 75 is also closed due to flooding.

Commissioner Bouvier said that you should stay at home if you do not have to be out for anything. He said no fatality drownings are ever wanted.

Washington County Emergency Management Director Kary Cox reiterated what Bouvier had to say about staying home. He said many roadways have flooded and flash flooding will be their primary concern.

Several cars have stalled in the water. Cox said several water rescues had to be performed as a result of the stalled vehicles in flood waters. He said one stalled vehicle was along Highway 60 in the area Bouvier reported on earlier.

Further tornado warnings, Cox said, are projected to the south in Tulsa County

Rainfall is expected to continue until 1:00 Tuesday afternoon. Cox said there should be another inch or two of rain possible.

Nowata County Emergency Manager Laurie Summers said the intersection of Highway 60 and 169 is closed due to flooding. Summers said the Nowata County Sheriff's Office is also out and about closing roads due to flooding in areas where flooding is common.

More rain, Summer said, has fallen than projected and said that the rainfall amounts have the potential to be worse. With that in mind, she said that you should stay home and off the road.

(Photo courtesy: Mike Bouvier)

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