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Washington County Commissioners

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 12:20 PMUpdated: Aug 12, 2019 12:37 PM

Commissioner Antle Prepares for Austin, Texas Trip

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Garrett Giles

Washington County's District 1 Commissioner Mitch Antle will be on the road this week.

The 46th Annual Meeting for the American Legislative Exchange Council is taking place in Austin, Texas this week, and Commissioner Antle is attending. He shared his thoughts Monday, saying he is looking forward to the meeting.

On top of his excitement, Commissioner Antle is bringing some curiosity to Austin. He said anytime you are involved in a national level scenario, they can be effective but they can be ineffective too. ALEC, however, appears to be one of the more stable groups Antle has seen.

Commissioner Antle said he believes Bartlesville Senator Julie Daniels has talked to him about it because she is curious about the American City County Exchange side. He said this is just another arm of the American Legislative Exchange Council that covers cities and counties more specifically.

The Annual ALEC Meeting in the JW Marriott Austin will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 14th and will last until Friday, Aug. 16th. Commissioner Antle will make his return trip to Oklahoma on Saturday, Aug. 17th.

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