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Posted: Nov 08, 2019 2:15 PMUpdated: Nov 08, 2019 2:18 PM

Senator Julie Daniels Open to Discussion on Education

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Garrett Giles

Since announcing her desire to run for re-election, Bartlesville's Senator Julie Daniels said she is ready to continue her service for District 29.

Being more responsive to individual constituents is something that Senator Daniels would like to work on moving forward. She said she wants to address further concerns for education across the State of Oklahoma.

Time and money has been spent on Oklahoma Edge. Seeing how requests for increased funding that are tied to targeted outcomes of that plan interest Senator Daniels.

Senator Daniels said legislators know that test scores have dipped. She said as they invest more money, and as they ensure that teachers are compensated for their difficult job, they need to see how those dollars are being spent and how they are measuring the outcome of the invested dollars.

If you have any concerns about education that you would like Senator Daniels to take to her colleagues on the Education Committee, you can send her an email, which is julie@daniels.oksenate.com.

This time of year, Senator Daniels said she is more focused on public safety, judiciary issues, and justice budgets. She said she may not be as up to speed as her colleagues that work on the Education Committee, but she will be asking them for their input and will support measures that they may bring to her attention that could help education progress in the right direction.

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