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Dewey Public Schools

Posted: Jan 14, 2020 12:15 PMUpdated: Jan 14, 2020 12:18 PM

Superintendent Vincent Shares Mid-Year Aid Calculation

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Garrett Giles

Dewey Public Schools Superintendent Vince Vincent gave a presentation on the mid-year state aid calculation adjustment on Monday night during a Board of Education Meeting.

According to Superintendent Vincent's report, Dewey Public Schools will lose $89,720. That is a lot of money, but there is good news. He said they will get 80-percent of what they lost back, because their district evaluation went up $1.8-million.

This is a good thing to Superintendent Vincent because that means tax dollars are going up. He said that is why they will receive the money back thanks to the tax dollars that will come in over the next few months.

When speaking with Washington County Assessor Todd Mathes, he told Superintendent Vincent that it is rare for a district like due to score as well as they did in their assessment. Superintendent Vincent said all three sectors of the district's assessment went up, which is why they got the $1.8-million district evaluation increase.

State aid adjustments normally come in this time of year. There is an initial allocation in July that sets the stage on what a district is anticipated to get based on the prior fiscal year. Factors get calculated as they move throughout the year.

Those factors include total state enrollment and district enrollment. Superintendent Vincent said if they were to see a drop in enrollment for a certain month as compared to the same month a year ago, there would not be an adjustment seen because they are funded on the highest three years. This is called "weighted average daily membership." Conversely, if there is an uptick in enrollment, there would be an adjustment.

Superintendent Vincent said Dewey Public Schools is currently being funded by their 2018 ADM. He said they did lose 34 students since then, and they will have a reduced ADM which will affect their state aid. The total loss projected is $150,000 to $175,000 in state aid next year.

No major changes are anticipated. Superintendent Vincent said they are strong in their carry over and that they will see how things play out. He said they could see an uptick in enrollment for the month of October, which would give them an increase in state aid once again.

Superintendent Vincent said he wanted to share this with the Dewey Board of Education so they would know what to expect next spring. He said they will continue to work through the ebbs and flows.

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