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Posted: Feb 14, 2020 9:54 AMUpdated: Feb 14, 2020 10:27 AM

Capitol Call: Teachers and Guns and a Whole Lot More

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Tom Davis
Friday's Capitol Call on KWON AM 1400 and FM 93.3 presented by Phillips 66 was highlighted by talk of a bill that could arm certain teachers in our local Schools.
School teachers in Oklahoma with a gun license will be able to carry firearms into their classrooms with district approval under a bill approved in the state Senate.
The bill passed Tuesday on a 37-7 vote mostly along party lines, with Democrats opposed. It passed after it was amended to beef up the training requirements, requiring teachers to participate in active-shooter training with local law enforcement.
The proposed new law is optional and would require a local school board approval first. But Democrats raised several concerns, including the reduction in the number of hours of required training.
Senator Julie Daniels says she has read the bill, begining to end, and has heard all the discussion to date and says it's a good thing..
State Represetnative Derrel Fincher took time to explain the need for a bill he is working on that improves connectivitly to remote areas of the state.
Rep. Fincher said if the state can ensure that you have good internet connectivity at the highest level, you could work from home, but still work as if you are in the office. He said if t hey could give you the same experience at home as in the office, you could work virtually anywhere in Oklahoma.
Fincher said that is the Oklahoman's Virtually Everywhere Act. He said this is a long-term plan to help diversify the economy that he has a final report on. From here, Rep. Fincher said he is going to go out and see if he can find money to take the next step with the Act. 

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