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City of Dewey

Posted: Apr 10, 2020 10:29 AMUpdated: Apr 10, 2020 10:34 AM

Dewey Police Could Move Into New Building by Next Week

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Garrett Giles

The new building for the Dewey Police Department is closer to completion despite the effects that are being felt with COVID-19.

City Manager Kevin Trease said they have had some contractors that have been in and out of the building since the coronavirus outbreak took off. He added that Police Chief Mike Shea told him that they are continuing to move desks and work stations into the new facility, too.

After that takes place, computers will be moved from the old police department building located next to City Hall on Don Tyler Avenue. Phones will also be switched on soon by Sparklight (formerly known as CableOne).

Realistically, Trease said the Dewey Police Department could move into the new building next week. In terms of an open house, he said they have not yet entertained a date as to when that event might take place.

Once the air clears with the coronavirus, the City of Dewey will get the ball rolling. Trease joked that they might just throw a block party at the new police station in Dewey once the restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted.

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