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Posted: Apr 10, 2020 10:52 AMUpdated: Apr 10, 2020 10:52 AM

Capitol Call 4-10-20

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Tom Davis
How is Oklahoma doing in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic? 
According to our local state lawmakers on Friday's Capitol Call powered by Phillips 66, we have some challenges but we are Oklahomans and we will get through this.
Representative Judd Strom focused mostly on the state budget now that the Governor has declared a state emergency and the state legislature approved it Monday.  
Lawmakers voted this week to use money from the state's revenue stabilization fund when the passed Senate Bill 16.  With the passage of Senate Bill 1053 the State's Rainy Day Fund was accessed. Lawmakers then passed Senate Bill 199 to transfer monies from the Rainy Day Fund to the General Fund.  
The Governor has two fo the bills but has yet to sign House Bill 199.
Strom says with all of that, the House, Senate and the Governor are still trying to fill a budget hole.
Rep. Derrel Fincher says beyond the budget, the House has moved to bypass the committee process and had sent the Senate bills straight to the floor to expedite matters. 
Fincher says there is still a lot going on behind the scenes and that lawmakers are very busy responding to the calls and emails from constituents trying to answer their questions regarding unemployment claims and small business assistance due to the coronavirus situation.
Senator Julie Daniels says so much of what state lawmakers are getting called about are federal issues. She mentions that our federal lawmakers from Oklahoma are getting a bit frustrated with not being able to help people faster. 
Daniels is pleased with the Goveror's Safer at Home Order and what our mayor and city council has done to keep us safe.
The Senator feels the truth is somewhere between the models we are been seeing and that the social distancing and handwashing is working better that we thought.
Daniels says,"Somewhere in there is the truth. Oklahama is not being badly as affected and we are looking at that "glimmer of light."
After taking in a great deal of infomation statewide, national and internationally, Daniels wonders who is going be that leader to  say "we're going  to turn around now . Instead of cancelling things who is going to say 'let us do this what we have not been doing before?'" adding  "that it is time we look at how to bring it all back."

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