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City of Bartlesville

Posted: May 29, 2020 3:10 PMUpdated: May 29, 2020 6:22 PM

Tower Center at Unity Square Opens in Bartlesville

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Garrett Giles

The chain linked fence surrounding the Tower Center at Unity Square in downtown Bartlesville has been lifted, and the green space is finally open to the public as of Friday.

Following the City of Bartlesville's groundbreaking ceremony back in March 2019, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell talked to Bartlesville Radio about the opportunities that the Tower Center at Unity Square present.

When you have a place where citizens and people gather, Lt. Gov. Pinnell said it creates an opportunity for them to visit the other tourism attractions that surround that gathering place. He said Bartlesville, Pawhuska and Ponca City offers one of the hottest three-day tourism packages, and the Oklahoma Tourism Department needs to do a better job of promoting that tour of cities.

The Tower Center at Unity Square sits between Frank Lloyd Wright's only recognized skyscraper - the Price Tower Arts Center - and the Bartlesville Community Center. The green space ties the two historic features of downtown Bartlesville together by blending their colors and the allure of the arts.

Voters approved the $1.7 million downtown community green space in the 2018 General Obligation Bond Fund Election. Approximately $700,000 in donations has been poured into the project as well. Groups that contributed to the project include the Lyon Foundation, Phillips 66, ConocoPhillips, the Parsons Foundation, Truity Credit Union, the Cherokee Nation and Arvest Bank.

The Cherokee Nation was the latest group to make a donation to the Tower Center at Unity Square. They gave $10,000 for the project.

There are several areas in which people can enjoy Oklahoma's native plants and landscape. Walking paths, and wide-open spaces for people to lounge or play, are also available for Bartians and tourists to enjoy. Musical instruments have been installed at the Tower Center at Unity Square. A stage has also been created for outdoor concerts and more to occur in downtown Bartlesville in what has become a lovely art district.

"Native Color at Unity Square" is also coming to the Tower Center at Unity Square. In early May, Bartlesville Radio reported that the Bartlesville City Council awarded a commission to Amie Jacobsen of Amie Jacobsen Art and Design. Jacobsen's art is anticipated to be installed in the park in early fall 2020.

Photos courtesy of staff photographers Trey Stumpff and Garrett Giles




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