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Washington County

Posted: Oct 06, 2021 10:44 AMUpdated: Oct 06, 2021 12:19 PM

Courtroom Renovations Begin in Washington County

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Garrett Giles

Courtroom renovations have begun in the Washington County Courthouse.

Washington County Commissioner Mike Dunlap says the three-month project started earlier in the week. Commissioner Dunlap says they look forward to having a great, second courtroom on the first floor.

The Washington County Courthouse is located at 420 S. Johnstone Avenue in downtown Bartlesville. The project has been discussed since January 2021.




This project was rolled out after the Washington County Election Board moved out of the courthouse and relocated to the fourth floor of Bartlesville City Hall across the street. The Election Board began to move in February and later held an open house in May.

The move was also made possible because of an agreement between the City of Bartlesville and Washington County. That agreement was made in January.

Prior to Memorial Day weekend, the Washington County Commissioners awarded a $13,750 bid to Stout Construction to demolish the old Election Board offices in the courthouse. That work took place over the holiday weekend in May. Commissioner Dunlap said it would give bidders an opportunity to see what they were working with; it would give potential bidders the chance to see the space that they would be working in before placing a bid.

The Washington County Commissioners opened bids for the courtroom renovations on Monday, Aug. 30. RECO Construction submitted a bid in the amount of $328,372 with an alternate reduction of $23,635 for courtroom chairs. The other bid was from Timberlake Construction in the amount of $384,000 with an alternate reduction of $24,000.

The bids were held for a couple weeks before the Commissioners voted to award the bid to RECO Construction on Monday, Sept. 13.

Courtroom renovations began on Monday, Oct. 4.

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