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Posted: Jun 24, 2014 11:00 AMUpdated: Jun 25, 2014 1:48 PM

Election Results

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Jon Eastman

Bartlesville Radio provided election coverage for Washington, Osage and Nowata area races. 

Here is the official Washington County vote

Legislative Officers
For State Representative District 10



Precincts Reporting

Travis Dunlap

1,949 (63.7%)

26 of 26

Randy Barnett

1,109 (36.3%)

Washington County Officers
For County Commissioner District 1



Precincts Reporting

Mitchell Antle

837 (55%)

7 of 7

Pat Evans

671 (44%)

Nowata County Officers
For County Commissioner District 1



Precincts Reporting

Curtis Barnes

196 (58%)

3 of 3

Kellis W. Pierce

 142 (42%)

For County Commissioner District 3



Precincts Reporting

Bud Frost

 155 (49.8%)

4 of 4

Richard Miller

 113 (36.3%)

Stephen Armstrong

 43 (13.8%)


Skiatook Proposition
1/2 Cent Sales Tax



Precincts Reporting

For the Proposition (Yes)

 471 (47.1%)

6 of 6

Against the Proposition (No)

 530 (52.9%)


State Officers
For Governor
Mary Fallin
Dax Ewbank
Chad Moody

For Superintendent of Public Instruction
Democratic Ballot
Freda Deskin
John Cox
Jack C. Herron, Jr.
Ivan Holmes

Republican Ballot
Joy Hofmeister
Brian S. Kelly
Janet Costello Barresi

For Insurance Commissioner
John Doak
Bill Viner

For Corporation Commissioner
Cliff Branan
Todd Hiett

Congressional Officers
For US Senator
Erick Paul Wyatt
Evelyn L Rogers
Rob Moye
D. Jean McBride-Samuels
Jim Inhofe

For US Senator (Unexpired Term)
Democratic Ballot
Connie Johnson
Patrick Michael Hayes
Jim Rogers

Republican Ballot
James Lankford
Jason Weger
Andy Craig
T.W. Shannon
Randy Brogdon
Eric C. McCray
Kevin Crow

For United States Representative District 2
Markwayne Mullin
Darrel Robertson 

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