The Last Impression ... Lasts!

In 1885, researcher Thomas Ebbinghaus did a study on people's ability to retain information. He called the results the “Curve of Forgetfulness.” Ebbinghaus found that a person forgets 75% of what he/she has learned in the previous week. After three weeks, he/she forgets 90%. After four weeks, he/she forgets 95%.

In terms of advertising, it is crucial for the advertiser to make the message important enough for the individual to want to retain it and act on it.

source: The Arbitron Company, Beyond The Ratings

Only RADIO allows you to achieve the message frequency necessary to stand out from the competition!

The average American is bombarded by approximately 3,000 marketing impressions each day. To break through this clutter successfully, you need a medium that not only targets your best prospects, but also delivers the message enough times to make a lasting impression.

Radio advertising uniquely is intrusive. Consumers listen only to their very favorite stations - and they listen for long periods of time, giving you the best possible opportunity to achieve the message repetition necessary to a successful advertising campaign.

With cost efficient radio, you can afford to reach out with message repetition too.

And, on radio, you stand the spotlight! Unlike other media, your message won't be jammed up next to the competition.

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