Tips on Radio Advertising

Here are some concepts to keep in mind as you plan your Radio Advertising on KWON/KYFM/KRIG/KPGM!

  • Feature One Item ... or a limited number, per commercial to insure listener remembrance. You can't sell the whole store in 30 seconds.
  • If you must use price, use one or a few only. This way you won't confuse the listener.
  • Is a phone number necessary? If it can't get an order or sell a customer, and if you can't make it the centerpiece of the commercial, don't use it.
  • Spend a reasonable amount of money. Don't expect good results unless you invest appropriately.
  • Use saturation for hard-hitting impact. You can't get the job done with one commercial. Repetition and frequency are one of radio's biggest persuaders.
  • Distinction is an effective tool for attracting people. That sound effect, theme music or jingle will help your commercials make an impression.
  • Don't select radio programs or formats for your own personal like or dislikes, but rather for the audience you want to reach.
  • The best use of radio advertising is day in, day out, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. The results from radio advertising build over time, and they are lasting results.
  • Have confidence in your marketing consultant. You are an expert in your field; your marketing consultant is an expert in his or hers.


Radio listeners are almost fanatically loyal to their favorite stations and personalities, and as a result, they spend more time with radio than with any other medium.

  • Radio = 45%
  • TV/Cable = 40%
  • Newspaper = 10%
  • Magazines = 5%

source: Media Targeting 2000:
The Arbitron/RAB Consumer Study, 1995


Radio reaches your customers and prospects right up to the time of purchase.

The closer a selling message can get to the cash register, the better its chance of actually influencing the purchase. Radio's strengths pay you important dividends. A major study found that, among the five primary media, the elapsed time between exposure and the day's largest purchase is shortest with Radio.Percent of Shoppers Reached by Medium Within one Hour of Largest Daily Purchase (Person 12+)

  • Radio = 57%
  • Outdoor = 30%
  • TV/Cable = 22%
  • Newspaper = 13%
  • Magazines = 12%

source: Media Targeting 2000: Arbitron/RAB Consumer Study, 1995

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