Posted: Aug 21, 2014 3:32 PMUpdated: Aug 22, 2014 10:34 AM

Semi Accident Ties Up U. S. 75

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Adam Hooper

UPDATE 11:34 AM 8-22

For a few hours Thursday, parts of Highway 75 were closed to traffic due to a accident involving a flatbed truck towing a CAT 900 series front end loader. The machine, which may have weighed up to 17 and a half tons had fallen off of the trailer, blocking the road. In addition, according to Washington County Emergency Management, approximately 100 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled onto the roadway and began entering a storm drain. Upon responding, the first responders dammed up the storm drain to prevent further contamination by the fuel and Sooner Emergency Services Hazardous Materials Team was called upon to begin the cleaning and remediation process. The team is expected to return to the area Friday or Saturday to check on the remediation process. Because of the extent of the accident, the Bartlesville Police Department is still working on the accident report and it is expected the report will be released sometime this weekend.



Just after 4:00pm, a listener reported that a front end loader fell off a semi truck in front of Dollar Tree in Bartlesville.  At 4:30pm, traffic was backed up significantly in both directions on highway 75. Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland said that a front end loader came off a truck and damaged U.S. Highway 75.  Holland also said that no injuries are reported at this time.   Just after 5:00pm, another tractor and front end loader was brought in to lift the tractor that fell of the truck. It appears that traffic may be diverted for some time, and possibly throughout the night, as the highway is inspected for damage. Stay tuned to KWON 1400AM and 93.3FM as more information becomes available.

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